Connecting Through Union

Senior Pastor Julie Yoder unpacks what it means to be a branch on the Lord’s vine. When we ask God to remove the things that are not bearing fruit in our lives, He can start the process of pruning. Although pruning is painful, overtime we become more reliant on the vine (God) for nutrients and we begin to regrow. Our regrowth means we can bear the fruit of the Spirit and no longer hold onto the things that hinder us and our relationship with Him.


About The Author
- Growing up with four brothers, playing college volleyball, teaching 4 years at the middle school and being raised by pastor parents was fantastic preparation for ministry! In addition, Julie is a graduate of Olivet Nazarene University, Vineyard Leadership Institute, Vineyard Bible Institute and the School of Kingdom Ministry. She served for 5 years as the Small Group pastor at the Vineyard of Central IL (Urbana). Now, she, along with her husband Mike, are the Executive Pastors there. They love partnering in ministry and in parenting their three rambunctious children; Ty, Tate, and Maggie. Thankfully, they live across the street from her parents, Happy and Dianne Leman!