God With Us, God In Us

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What is our first Christmas gift? It is the Presence of God; God with us, and God in us. We don’t know how to fully receive and enjoy this gift. Pastor Julie Yoder will teach us how to ask the Holy Spirit for increased awareness if His presence. God is truly with you and God is in you. The Presence of God is never gone. Could we, just like Mary, respond with “may everything you say about me Lord come true” We want to be people who believe! Let’s go on a journey to receive and more fully understand and enjoy the gift of His presence.


About The Author
- Growing up as the only girl among four brothers and being raised by pastor parents was incredible preparation for the challenges of ministry! Julie has spent a decade now on staff at The Vineyard Church of Central Illinois. She has passion for communication and began to hone her gift as a 6th grade reading teacher. Her enthusiasm for connecting people into healthy Kingdom communities eventually lead to her serving as the Small Group Pastor. Now, Julie serves alongside her husband, Mike, as the Senior Pastors of The Vineyard Church of Central Illinois. Together, Mike and Julie are committed to building and cultivating the Kingdom culture of family on their staff and team. They love partnering in ministry and in parenting their four awesome children; Ty, Tate, Maggie, and Molly. Along with leading the staff, Julie co-leads the preaching team and is committed to helping develop communicators to the very best of their abilities. In addition to loving her family and church, Julie loves walking, eating chocolate daily, and getting lost in a good book.