Obeying Jesus

Often times we can associate obedience as something negative. There is risk involved, uncomfortability, even humility. Obedience often times goes against what we “feel” like doing. As founding Pastor Happy Leman leaned in to obey the Father, he saw great fruit from it. He saw his and Dianne’s lives transformed; a church was born; and many other people’s lives changed in ways they never would have expected. When we obey, God it doesn’t just affect the present, it can shift eternity.


About The Author
- Happy & Dianne are true partners in providing the senior leadership for The Vineyard Church - Urbana (IL). The partnership began over 30 years ago when they met and married at the University of Illinois. After a few years in secular careers, they founded the Vineyard in 1978. The change in their lives came when Dianne was declared infertile by two major hospitals. A friend suggested they pray for children. Hap & Di did, and God blessed them with five natural children (four boys and one girl). From this life-changing experience, they started a Bible study that grew into the current Vineyard. The focus from the beginning has been healing, the Holy Spirit, and the Kingdom of God. Happy has served in various roles throughout Vineyard USA. In additional to being a current Vineyard USA Board member, Happy is the Regional Overseer for the Midwest Region. Happy also directs Vineyard Partners (a group of 30 churches) which is involved in Vineyard church planting throughout central Mexico