Q & A with Leah Wenger

“We can’t carry the burden of someone else’s mistakes, but we can love them through it.” Leah Wenger shares deeper insights on the “weed of control” in this practical and powerful question and answer session.


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About The Author
- Leah was born and raised in The Vineyard Church of Central Illinois and has served in many roles (from youth ministry to planting a multi-site church) in her last 10 years as a staff Pastor. Leah is a graduate of the University of Illinois, Vineyard Leadership Institute and The School of Kingdom Ministry and is most passionate about raising up leaders of leaders and creating a healthy stewardship culture. She married the love of her life, Ben, in 2005 enjoys co-parenting their three awesome (exhausting) kids; Cohen, Claire & Gia. In her spare time, she loves to play the guitar, travel and drink all.the.coffee.