The Kingdom of God is at Hand

As Christians, do we assume a passive or active approach to faith?  Pastor Clay Harrington, shares that the Kingdom is God’s will in action that we are called to actively advance!  

We are in a fight, and Jesus never intended for us to play it safe… never intended to play it passive, but to adopt an active faith, A faith that fights back, a faith that plunders.


About The Author
- At an early age, Clay was immersed in timeless teachings about God through his mother – a powerful woman of God. Today, Clay travels as an itinerant evangelist who inspires others to press into a rich relationship with the Father, equips the saints to live naturally supernatural lifestyles, and provokes the church to live radically for Jesus. Clay is married to his wife, Regina, and has two sets of boy-girl twins. He currently works as the Evangelism Pastor at the Vineyard Church in Urbana, IL.