The Weed of Condemnation

What is condemnation? You can experience freedom from condemnation and freely give mercy away.  Join Pastor Julie Yoder, as she teaches us the although condemnation is so normal it is so harmful and shame producing.  Believe and receive freedom from condemnation and respond in love. Let’s be free from the weed of condemnation in our lives and view people as Jesus does, created in the image of God, of much worth and value.


About The Author
- Growing up with four brothers, playing college volleyball, teaching 4 years at the middle school and being raised by pastor parents was fantastic preparation for ministry! In addition, Julie is a graduate of Olivet Nazarene University, Vineyard Leadership Institute, Vineyard Bible Institute and the School of Kingdom Ministry. She served for 5 years as the Small Group pastor at the Vineyard of Central IL (Urbana). Now, she, along with her husband Mike, are the Executive Pastors there. They love partnering in ministry and in parenting their three rambunctious children; Ty, Tate, and Maggie. Thankfully, they live across the street from her parents, Happy and Dianne Leman!